Upcoming Exhibitions

VIVID ART GALLERY – September 2019


An Exhibition of plein air paintings, direct from the field

En plein air is a French expression meaning “in the open air” and refers to the act of painting outdoors.  These paintings have all been done on location, with the artist’s subject in full view, and without any photographic reference.  They are from the easel, direct to the gallery.

Exhibition Dates: 2 – 30 September

Vivid Gallery Mandurah
2/3 Smart Street Mall

To register, click the button below then click the Book Now button on the form.
Cost to exhibit is $10 – one painting per artist in round one. If there are spaces left, a second round will be offered. 


29 November 2019 to 12 January 2020

Financial members have been invited to exhibit in the Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery, as well as MPAC’s Foyer Gallery, with three distinct gallery spaces.  Although the overall exhibition theme is work created en plein air, some studio pieces derived from plein air works will be invited into two of the gallery spaces.

The three gallery spaces are:

  • Main gallery walls- En plein air and related studio works by three selected artists
  • Main gallery doors – En plein air and related studio works by four selected artists 
  • Foyer gallery – Only en plein air works, all members are invited to exhibit.